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New Construction

JD Homes can take you from bare ground to the custom home of your dreams. We can help you make the proper considerations in the design of your home, guide you through the permitting process, and prepare a budget. Professional navigation of the design process is critical, and JD Homes can help to make sure your plans are permitted faster and clearly communicated to the tradesmen who will build with them. Upon commencement of construction, we provide excellent project management to make sure our highly vetted team of professional, licensed and insured subs work together for timely and efficient completion of your project.  


One of the best ways to add value to your home is with the construction of an addition or an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit.) An ADU in particular, can not only add significant value but also offset costs with rental income. In Santa Cruz County, where there's a shortage of housing, the planning department provides incentives for homeowners to build these units. JD Homes has extensive experience converting and reconfiguring existing spaces, as well as adding on to expand or build ADUs. We have an inside understanding of opportunities the county provides to make the process more affordable for homeowners. Contact us for a consultation.

Repair + Remodel

Maintaining and upgrading your home are the keys to maximizing its value, insuring structural integrity and giving you the assurance that your family can be healthy and comfortable there. Unresolved issues with the condition of the home can dramatically effect the health of the people living within it, as can a careless approach to demolition and re-construction in the remodel process. We strive to take on your remodel in a conscience manner, with extra measures for cleanliness and dust retention, and to provide the best value possible. Whether it is for extensive kitchen and bath upgrades, or minor dry rot repair, feel free to contact us for a consultation and an estimate.

Decks + Fences

Enhance the outdoor living experience at your home with the construction of decks and fences, arbors and trellises, an outdoor kitchen or play structure, you name it! Outdoor structures and landscaping provide a unique opportunity to be creative with design, and the options are unlimited!

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